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    29 World’s Largest Engineering Recruiting Firms (High Demand)

    29 World’s Largest Engineering Recruiting Firms (High Demand)

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    29 World’s Largest Engineering Recruiting Firms

    If you are looking for a new job and are unsure where to look, you may want to consider joining one of the Worlds 20 Largest Engineering Recruiting firms. Some of the companies on the list are Randstad, Kelly Staffing, Insight Global, and Allegis Group. These companies are known for providing high-quality engineers to companies worldwide. They work in all kinds of industries and have been in business for years.

    Allegis Group

    The Allegis Group is an umbrella company that includes several subsidiary companies that provide engineering and IT staffing services to the government, defense, and aerospace industries. The group was founded in 1983 as Aerotek, and its first year of operation saw the firm earn $1M in revenue. Since then, the company has expanded its service areas to include the automotive industry and the technology industry. In the early 2000s, it was listed among the world’s 20 largest engineering staffing firms.

    The Allegis Group is one of the world’s 20 largest engineering staffing firms, generating revenue of more than $180 million. The company’s Aerotek division is among the top-ranked engineering staffing firms. The second-ranked firm is Adecco, while the UK-based Fircroft ranks third in the list.


    Randstad Engineering Staffing is a Netherlands-based engineering staffing firm with a global network of more than 200,000 staff members. The company started as an engineering recruitment agency that focused on temporary staffing, but quickly expanded to other sectors and grew to more than 200 branches in four countries. The company expanded to the United States in 1993, when it acquired two US-based firms. In 2016, it placed 183,900 people in permanent positions.

    Founded in 1960, Randstad provides temporary placement, temporary to hire, and permanent placement services. Its size makes it one of the largest staffing firms in the world, and it employs hundreds of thousands of people daily. With hundreds of offices in over 38 countries, Randstad delivers workforce solutions across IT, engineering, finance, and human resources.

    Kelly Staffing

    Kelly Staffing provides a wide range of staffing solutions for the world’s largest companies. In particular, the company has a deep specialization in life sciences. Its team of scientists and HR professionals helps organizations with their science and engineering needs. The company has clients that include ninety percent of the world’s top twenty pharmaceutical companies and eighty-nine percent of Fortune 500 companies. Its scientific staffing division is ranked as the second largest provider worldwide.

    The company has offices on all continents. Its headquarters is in Troy, Michigan. It has subsidiaries that provide global talent supply chain solutions, recruitment process outsourcing, and executive coaching services. It has about 1,000 employees at its head office in Troy and over 7,000 around the world.

    The company’s engineering division offers staffing solutions in civil and mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, wind/solar, and automation. More than 80 percent of the staffing professionals at Kelly are engineering graduates. Its website offers an easy way to browse through open jobs with industry-specific filters. Moreover, most job listings contain contact information.

    Kelly Services has a strong cash flow to invest in and pays dividends to its shareholders. The company pays out an average of $0.30 per share of its diluted earnings. Its dividend yield is approximately 1.57%. Its stock price is dependent on unemployment rates and economic conditions, but it has the ability to reward shareholders with dividends.

    Insight Global

    Insight Global has been in business since 2001, and has worked with Fortune 500 companies. However, the company’s onboarding practices are questionable. First of all, the company isn’t promoted from the bottom of the corporate ladder. Insight Global recruiters work long days and make as many as 100 outbound calls a day.

    The company specializes in engineering and technology staffing. Its team believes that technology and talent are the pillars for digitally enabled industries. Therefore, they provide cross-industry expertise, talent services, and skilling to accelerate innovation. Currently, it has more than 30,000 employees serving 7,000 clients in 20 countries.

    The company’s rapid growth has been evident for several years. It has expanded to 42 regional offices and has plans to reach 100 branches within five to ten years. It has also added more service lines and created separate divisions for government staffing and engineering staffing. Insight Global offers a range of managed services for engineering, government, and other industries.

    Signify Technology

    Signify is one of the world’s top 20 engineering staffing firms, with offices around the world. They specialize in back-end and software engineering roles. Their culture is highly flexible, with a dress-down environment and a regular career review every six months. They also offer an excellent training and development scheme for their engineers. As a thought leader in the Scala space, they also regularly sponsor and host industry events.

    Judge Group

    Judge Group has been around for nearly 40 years. The company has a long history of consistent growth. It started recording appreciable sales growth in 1982 and has consistently seen sales increase by more than 30 percent per year since then. In 1985, Judge Group expanded into information technology. It then set up a national division in Foxborough, Massachusetts to provide IT staffing to major corporations.

    The Judge Group is a professional services firm with expertise in staffing, learning, search, and offshore solutions. It has more than 50 years of experience in helping organizations find the right people to solve their most complex business challenges. Using advanced technologies and domain-specific expertise, the company helps organizations identify and execute their business goals.

    Judge’s continued growth has earned it inclusion on a number of top lists, including the SIA’s Largest Staffing Firms and Largest IT Staffing Firms lists. These listings put Judge Group in the top 1% of all U.S. staffing firms.

    Judge Group’s revenue streams come from three primary sources: temporary contract placement, permanent staffing placement, and proprietary software for on-site staffing management. This company has a long track record of innovation and has managed to transform niche markets into lucrative revenue streams.

    World’s Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in United States

    Worlds Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in United States

    According to the World’s Largest Engineering Staffing Firm report by the SIA, a total of 175 firms operates in the United States, representing 63.5% of the industry’s market and generating combined revenues of $97 billion. With such a massive market, the industry is well-positioned to fend off a possible weather pandemic, as many organizations will look to temporary or interim workers to complete critical work. This year’s list includes 18 new firms.

    Randstad is the largest engineering staffing firm in the world

    Randstad Engineering specializes in matching clients with the best engineers and technical staff available for their specific needs. With its expert technical recruiters and degreed engineers on staff, Randstad focuses on helping companies meet specific business goals. With more than 3.1 million engineering and technical professionals on its database, Randstad can provide quality talent in a timely manner.

    Randstad’s North American operations employ over 5,700 associates, with a deployed workforce of more than 86,000. The company offers consulting, outsourcing, and workforce management solutions for generalist, specialist, and life science sectors. Randstad’s services also include independent contractor management, payrolling, and career transition services.

    Randstad is committed to diversity and inclusion. In addition to creating opportunities for diverse candidates, Randstad is actively involved in creating and fostering diverse teams. The firm has partnered with the OneTen initiative, which aims to place one million underserved individuals in family-sustaining careers over the next ten years. The company also invests in the diversity of its suppliers. By doing so, it is helping to foster economic growth and job creation.

    Randstad was founded in the Netherlands in 1960. Frits Goldschmeding, the company’s founder, had been studying economics at the VU University of Amsterdam when he was assigned a thesis on temporary employment. He decided to turn this idea into a company. He typed out his first flyers in his attic room and began marketing his services. The company was originally known as Uitzendbureau Amstelveen.

    Randstad is headquartered in Dieman, Netherlands. The firm offers staffing and outsourcing solutions for a variety of industries. It specializes in IT, engineering, healthcare, and human resources. In 2016, it placed 183,900 people into permanent positions.

    Aerotek is ranked as one of the largest engineering staffing firms in the United States

    Aerotek is a leading employment agency providing professional, technical and industrial recruiting services. The company serves clients in the engineering, architecture, clinical/scientific, and skilled trades sectors. It has five divisions, including Aerotek Automotive, which specializes in technical professional recruitment. Its other divisions, including Aerotek Scientific, serve the chemical, pharmaceutical, and health care industries.

    Aerotek is a global company with 85 offices worldwide. The company’s Military Heroes Program places veterans in top U.S. corporations. It draws on a network of 4.4 million people across 70 branches in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It has placed over 129,000 tech-related jobs with 1,600 clients.

    Based in New York, Aerotek employs over 3,000 people. The company has offices across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Its services include permanent and contingent employment. It partners with the American Staffing Association and the National Association of Manufacturers. Its CEO, Jonas Prising, took over the company in 2014.

    The firm has a large network of technical talent. Its staff includes over 980 engineers with expertise in specific fields. The firm is also known for its fast placement of engineering talent. Its clientele includes Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

    Aside from its technical expertise, Aerotek also specializes in manufacturing and logistics. It works with over 22,000 companies and has a database of over two million qualified applicants. The company also offers its employees free benefits, including healthcare, 401(k) and direct deposits. Workers can choose between daily pay or an hourly salary.

    Aerotek ranks as one of the largest engineering staffing firms worldwide. Its top competitors include Adecco and Morson Group. According to the Staffing Industry Analysts report, Aerotek accounts for nearly 35% of revenue in the engineering staffing industry.

    Allegis Group

    Allegis Group is an international talent management firm headquartered in Hanover, Maryland. It offers professional talent and recruitment services to companies in a wide variety of industries. Specifically, the company specializes in engineering, technology, and business consulting. It also offers workforce management solutions. Additionally, the firm offers outsourced sales and marketing solutions and marketing research.

    It is comprised of numerous subsidiary companies. The main company, AppleOne Employment Services, was listed in the Forbes’ 2018 edition as one of the America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. It also has an international presence and delivers corporate HR solutions in a wide range of global markets. In addition, AppleOne is considered the largest woman-owned workforce management company in the United States.

    Nesco Resource

    For over 50 years, Nesco Resource has matched the best engineers with great companies. Initially founded as an engineering and design firm, the company has grown into one of the nation’s leading staffing and HR solution providers with more than 60 offices throughout the United States. Its engineering professionals are capable of performing all aspects of mechanical design and analysis, including standard mechanical assembly, advanced CAD modeling, and new technology concepts. They are also skilled in reading and interpreting technical drawings and computer-generated reports.

    Whether you need temporary or permanent staffing for a variety of positions, Nesco Resource can meet your needs. The company also provides recruitment process outsourcing and onsite management services. Its offices are located throughout the United States, where team members focus on engineering, accounting, and clerical/light industrial jobs. The company has been recognized by Inavero as one of the top six engineering staffing firms in the United States for six consecutive years.

    NESCO is comprised of a diverse workforce. According to its diversity report, 48% of its employees are women and 32.0% are ethnic minorities. Its average employee stays with the company for 2.2 years. The average salary for NESCO employees is $42,763 per year. It pays its employees a median wage of $42,763, and most are members of the Republican Party.

    As one of the largest engineering staffing firms in North America, NESCO Resource is a leader in the industry. It specializes in matching exceptional talent with great employment opportunities. They have offices across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


    PeopleScout has worked with some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world to fill a large number of engineering positions. These clients typically have difficult-to-fill positions. PeopleScout provides a customized staffing solution to meet these clients’ needs. PeopleScout’s recruiting team is perceptive and responsive to the needs of their clients, while keeping employee goodwill in mind.

    PeopleScout’s award-winning talent acquisition technology, Affinix(tm), has been recognized in several industry awards. Affinix is a mobile-first, cloud-based platform that integrates with PeopleScout talent solutions. It features artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. It also offers soft-skills training for both employers and employees.

    The company’s team works with some of the biggest names in the country. Their mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives through human-centric technology. They combine the best minds to tackle the most pressing problems. They provide direct hire recruitment and other recruitment services to companies across North America. They partner with their clients to reinvent the economy and create opportunities for all.

    The company was originally founded in 1983 and served the aerospace and defense industries. Its first year of operation saw it earn $1 million in revenue. Later, the company expanded into the automotive and technology industries. By the early 2000s, the company was one of the top engineering staffing firms in the U.S.

    Randstad has offices across the country. They employ more than 4 million temporary workers each year. They are the largest staffing firm in the world and have offices in more than 38 countries.


    If you’re looking for the best engineering staffing companies in the United States, you should check out Manpower. The company’s new Ultradex(tm) testing system measures how well workers pay attention to detail and follow verbal instructions, as well as their ability to complete job tasks. These tests are designed to ensure that every Manpower engineer meets the strictest industry standards.

    Manpower was founded in 1952 in New York City and has expanded globally over the years. It doubled its sales in four years and has offices in over 50 countries. Mitchell Fromstein, the company’s long-time CEO, retires as president and CEO. He is succeeded by Jeffrey Joerres, who was previously the company’s senior vice president of Global Account Management and European Operations. The firm’s board includes John Walter, who retired from AT&T and is now chairman emeritus.

    In 1974, Manpower becomes the first foreign-owned employment services company in Vietnam. Today, Manpower has over 3900 offices worldwide. In 2007, Manpower receives more than half of its revenue from offices outside of the United States. In 1987, Elmer Winter sells Manpower to Parker Pen Company in Janesville, Wisconsin, where he continues to serve as a director. Eventually, Manpower separates from Parker Pen and appoints Mitchell Fromstein as its president and CEO. Fromstein will serve as CEO for 23 years.

    Manpower’s global presence and years of experience have led to the expansion of its services and offerings. The company’s first engineering staffing solution, Aerotek, began as a service for the aerospace and defense industries. Later, the company expanded into clinical and scientific engineering. It was recently named one of the largest accounting firms in the United States by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA).

    Advanced Resources

    Advanced Resources is a leading engineering staffing firm with over 600 consultants based across the United States and Canada. The company works with leading companies to streamline supply chains and find the best talent for their needs. Its global reach enables it to find experts and create strong teams, regardless of location or experience. The company uses a tried and tested methodology to help both candidates and clients succeed.


    Collabera is an engineering and technology staffing firm with over 12,000 team members. It provides innovative solutions to Fortune 500 companies in testing, professional services, infrastructure management, and business intelligence. The company also focuses on employee satisfaction, offering flexible work arrangements and 100% remote jobs.

    Collabera employees enjoy many benefits, including medical insurance, credit union membership, and recognition and rewards programs. Additionally, employees receive reimbursement for training and education. The company is headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and has more than 30 offices nationwide. It also has international offices in Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

    The Worlds Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in Canada

    Worlds Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in Canada

    If you’re looking for a job in engineering, you can choose from the top firms in Canada. These companies include the Adecco Group, Persol Research Development, Aerotek, and Advanced Resources. Each offers a wide range of engineering and technical jobs.

    The Adecco Group

    With more than 50 branch offices across Canada, The Adecco Group is one of Canada’s leading engineering staffing firms. In addition to providing engineering professionals, the company also has a strong focus on IT and clinical solutions. Depending on your needs, the company may be able to provide you with software engineers, developers, or other IT professionals.

    The Adecco Group was founded in 1996, merging Ecco and Adia Interim to form a single global company. The company’s mission is to connect talented individuals with jobs and employers. The company’s employees are experts in their fields and have a passion for helping others find the right career path. They also value learning from their successes and mistakes and are committed to helping people develop their skills and advance their careers.

    The Adecco Group ranks #1 on a list of Canada’s largest staffing firms by revenues. It is the number one firm in the nation among engineering staffing firms, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. Its clients include many large Canadian corporations, including hospitals, universities, and engineering firms.

    Persol Research Development

    Persol Research Development focuses on software and medical positions, and also offers business process outsourcing services and employee dispatching services. It is part of the PersolKelly Group, a joint venture between Persol holdings and Kelly Services, and is the largest staffing firm in the Asia-Pacific region. The firm is also part of Robert Half International, a global human resources consulting conglomerate.

    The company turned to IBM Garage to develop a blockchain-based solution. This system uses permissioned blockchain to store the work history of employees, enabling employers and job seekers to easily search for applicants who meet the firm’s criteria. HR personnel can search the network and match candidates with positions based on their qualifications.


    Aerotek is a world-class staffing agency that matches qualified professionals with some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Founded in 1983 in Baltimore, Maryland, the company started by supporting the aerospace and defense industry. Today, Aerotek is one of the largest engineering staffing firms on the planet.

    Aerotek focuses on providing contract and direct placement staff and has offices in the US, Europe and Asia. It also provides staffing solutions for technology, government, and clinical areas. It is also a global staffing agency, with over 27,000 engineers and scientists.

    Aerotek Engineering Staffing has a diverse range of services to help match the unique needs of every client. It specializes in temporary and direct placement, direct hire, contract employees, payroll, and training. It also works with engineering professionals in construction and manufacturing environments and offers engineering support and consulting.

    According to the 2018 SIA list, Aerotek is the third largest supplier among the 47 largest industrial staffing firms in the United States. It accounts for 7.7% of the market. It has a network of over 250 non-franchised offices throughout the US and Canada.

    Advanced Resources

    Advanced Resources is a leading global engineering staffing firm with 30 offices in Canada and the United States. Founded in 1994, the company provides technical staffing to more than 50 Fortune 100 companies. Its services include technology solutions, executive search, engineering staffing, healthcare staffing, and professional services. The company helps clients meet their dynamic workforce requirements with its large network of experts and proven frameworks. It has placed thousands of candidates in various industries and is a renowned industry leader with multiple awards and recognition.


    Hays Engineering Staffing is one of the leading engineering staffing firms in Canada and is one of the largest in the world. Hays works with many major companies to help them find the right people for the right jobs. Whether you’re looking for a permanent position or are in need of an engineering project manager, Hays can help. They have offices across the country and in Europe.

    Hays is one of the leading global recruitment firms, with a history of over 21 years. It specializes in construction, technology, and engineering recruitment and has 12 offices in the US. Hays works in both the public and private sectors, and has thousands of staff members worldwide.

    NES – Worlds Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in UK

    Worlds Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in UK

    According to the staffing industry research body SIA, NES is the third largest Engineering staffing firm in the world. This makes it ahead of other firms such as Fircroft, Brunel and AirSwift. In 2018 alone, the top twenty firms generated $13.2 billion, accounting for 39% of the global market.

    Morson Group

    If you’re looking for skilled engineering professionals to help you with your projects, you’ve come to the right place. The Morson Group is a leading engineering recruitment company with over 550 staff members. They provide staffing solutions for a wide range of technical industries, from oil and gas to rail training.

    Morson Group is a global engineering staffing, project management and design firm with a presence in over 40 countries. The firm has over 14,000 contractors currently on assignment and a CAD$1.3 billion annual turnover. Its headquarters is in Manchester, UK. It provides consulting, recruitment and turnkey projects. Through the merger, the two companies will further strengthen their existing operations in North America. In addition, the combined companies will create an even larger market leader in each of the engineering sectors.

    Morson Group is committed to diversity. They believe that everyone’s voice should be heard and valued. The group has locations in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA. It operates in the aerospace, automotive, construction, maritime, and rail sectors. In addition, the firm supports education, safety, and sustainability, as well as the development of its staff. It also provides a structured training programme for its staff.


    According to Staffing Industry Analysts, a global advisor to staffing and workforce solutions, Matchtech Engineering Staffing is the largest engineering staffing firm in the UK. In fact, it has been on this list for eight consecutive years. Matchtech is the only British firm in the top ten, followed by Morson Group, Matchtech (Gattaca) and Fircroft.

    Matchtech has been in the staffing industry for over 20 years, and they’ve established a strong presence in engineering industries across the UK. The company’s specialist team understands niche markets and can match candidates to the best job opportunities. Matchtech engineers are trained to find the best candidates for a specific position based on the company’s requirements.

    In order to expand its services and grow globally, Matchtech Group has recently rebranded as Gattaca. However, the engineering division of Matchtech will continue to be called Matchtech Engineering. The company also recently acquired Networkers International and increased its overseas operations. The majority of its work is focused on IT, with around 40 percent of its work being engineering-related.

    Future Engineer is one of the youngest firms on the list, but has been matching people with jobs for more than 10 years. This company helps engineers find engineering jobs as well as related jobs such as managers and sales directors. Another firm that recruits for engineers is CBS Butler. It matches engineers with jobs in engineering-related niches and in the specialist engineering sectors.


    Fircroft Engineering Services Ltd is a human capital services firm that provides contract engineering jobs and permanent engineering jobs to oil and gas companies. The company is headquartered in Manchester and serves customers worldwide. Its clients include a number of leading global engineering and manufacturing companies.

    Fircroft Engineering was ranked fourth in the Staffing Industry Analysts ranking of the top UK engineering staffing firms. It was positioned ahead of competitors Brunel and AirSwift. According to the survey, the top 10 firms accounted for about 41% of the engineering staffing market in the UK in 2017.

    Fircroft helped a client find an HVAC engineer to work on a project in Kazakhstan. The firm arranged interviews with the candidate, and flew him to the country. The firm also helped a client find an HR adviser for a mining company in Chad. The initial interview took place in a time of political unrest, but Fircroft continued to stay in touch with the candidate and ensure he was matched with the right position.

    Persol Research Development

    According to a report by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the Worlds Largest Engineering Staffing Firm in the UK are Aerotek, Fircroft, and Morson Group. These firms collectively generate over $13.2 billion in revenue and account for 39% of the industry’s total.

    The SIA study also found that the UK engineering staffing market has faced many challenges over the past few years, but it has remained resilient throughout the past year. Despite a candidate shortage, demand in key sectors such as rail, construction, and infrastructure remains high. However, the impact of Brexit on the UK engineering staffing market remains to be seen.

    Robert Half

    Robert Half is a leading global staffing firm that offers great job opportunities to professionals. Founded in 1948, Robert Half has over 400 locations worldwide. The company works with both private and public sector companies and has a large network of skilled candidates. The firm places professionals on a contract-to-hire or full-time basis.

    The Robert Half Group of Companies has over 345 locations in the United States and UK and employs more than 13,000 permanent and temporary employees. The company is listed on the SP500 index and specializes in recruiting engineering, technology, and management professionals. Its subsidiaries include Protiviti Inc., which specializes in governance and technology consulting services, and PG Lewis Associates, one of the largest cybersecurity firms in the United States. It also owns Kelly Services, which is a multinational recruitment and human resource consulting firm with over 8,000 employees in the United States and in more than 30 countries.

    Robert Half has offices in London, New York City, and San Francisco. Its staffing agencies specialize in IT support and data entry. It offers a 110% guarantee for temporary employees. It also offers an online marketplace where developers can post their resumes and search for jobs.


    As one of the world’s largest engineering staffers, NES Fircroft offers a wide range of engineering and technical staffing services. These include permanent and temporary placements. It also offers an extensive range of technical jobs in Oil & Gas, Energy, and Power.

    The company has been around for 40 years and is a global engineering workforce provider. It has offices in UK and US, and has a team of industry-specific staffing consultants. Its latest expansion includes opening an office in Midland, Texas to support the energy industry.

    The World’s Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in Australia

    Worlds Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in Australia

    In Australia, a number of the largest engineering staffing firms operate in the country. These companies include Intertek, Adecco, and Hays. To make a more informed decision, you should consider contacting a recruitment agency for assistance. These firms are dedicated to helping you find a job that suits your skills and preferences.


    Adecco Engineering Staffing is one the world’s largest engineering staffing companies. They are a woman-owned business that specializes in temporary, direct hire, and temp-to-hire staffing. With over 40 years of experience in the staffing industry, they have helped thousands of companies find the best people for their needs. The company has 30 offices around Australia and is one of the largest in the country.

    The Adecco Group operates in more than 60 countries around the world and has over 450 locations in the US. They have approximately 70,000 people worldwide. Their US Direct Hire division was ranked the world’s most valuable staffing firm in 2021, and has seen over 300% growth in the last two years. They staff for entry-level positions all the way up to executive-level positions and specialize in a variety of industries.

    Whether you’re looking for a permanent job or temporary work, specialist recruitment agencies provide the best services to both employers and candidates. Their staffing agencies have a high success rate and a dedicated team of recruiters. They also have a vast network of companies and can provide you with great job opportunities.


    Hays Engineering Staffing is one of the leading engineering recruitment firms in Australia. From consulting to engineering, Hays can meet the needs of a wide variety of companies. It can also staff vacancies on behalf of other businesses. It has a large database and exceptional resources, which it uses to connect with potential candidates.

    Hays Engineering Staffing has been in business for over 40 years, and specializes in engineering roles. The company has offices throughout Australia and recruits for both permanent and temporary positions in all major industries. The company is 100% Australian owned, and has a strong network and knowledge of the manufacturing and flood engineering sectors.

    Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Ltd. is a private company that operates in Australia and New Zealand. It has more than 6200 employees and operates in 20 different sectors. The company has its headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales, and is a subsidiary of Hays Plc.


    Intertek Engineering Staffing is a leading engineering staffing company that has been around for 130 years. Its mission is to ensure that quality is achieved at a high level. Their staffing firm has many different services to offer. Some of these services include project management, quality control, and materials testing.

    Intertek offers technical staffing solutions for a variety of industries. From construction and engineering companies to energy and nuclear and renewable energy companies, we help you hire experienced technical specialists at the right time. In addition, we offer a comprehensive database of contacts so that we can effectively recruit the best technical professionals for your needs.

    Energy Resourcing

    The Energy Resourcing Group (ERG) is one of the leading global suppliers of specialist professional human capital to the energy and resources sectors. The firm offers a range of services including energy resourcing, project management, engineering design, and mobility. These services are provided to major engineering design and construction firms, oil and gas operators, and power and energy generation organisations.

    The firm has grown rapidly over the past decade and has offices all over the world. Its main strength is its Global Renewable Energy Recruitment Agency, which covers the nuclear and power sectors. It recruits a wide range of technically skilled engineering professionals and managers in the renewable energy industry, including Project Directors, Discipline Managers, and Engineers.

    MGH Offshore was established in 1983 and specialises in renewable energy, oil and gas, and marine projects. Its headquarters are in the north of England, and it operates in several countries in Europe. It has a strong presence in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

    Belkirk Group

    As one of Australia’s leading recruitment firms, Belkirk Group stands out in a crowded marketplace. They’re a people-first business that’s committed to transparency and people-focused methodology. They’re committed to finding the best candidates for the right jobs and helping them get them in the right place, and they’re also a socially responsible company. Their mission is to provide top-notch service to clients and candidates, and their team of dedicated professionals takes pride in the results they deliver.

    The company has been operating in Australia for more than a decade, and their ethos is to match people with a successful business. They’re particularly focused on the built environment industry, and have provided job seekers with life-changing career opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. Their Managing Director is passionate about ensuring that minority groups have equal opportunities and is committed to diversifying the company’s office. In addition, they’re committed to authenticating and assisting migrants with a smooth transition into the Australian workforce.

    Belkirk is a reputable staffing firm with offices across the country. Its services extend to construction, infrastructure and energy industries. The company’s staffing professionals believe in the human element while using the latest technology. The company was founded by Steve Grace, who has built two successful businesses in the past.

    Catapult Solutions Group

    As one of Australia’s largest engineering staffing firms, Catapult Solutions Group focuses on engineering talent from around the world. The firm treats candidates with the respect they deserve, and they’re dedicated to providing a top-notch experience. They also strive to set the industry standard for hiring professionals and uplift the recruiting process for businesses.

    Catapult is an industry leader when it comes to digital transformation and cloud-based technologies. They’re a top Microsoft partner, and their expertise in cloud-based applications and devOps makes them a valued resource for customers and professionals. They’re also a finalist for the Data Analytics 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year award.

    Kelly Staffing

    In 1995, Kelly created a subsidiary, Kelly Scientific Resources, specializing in providing scientists and engineers for temporary assignments. In 1996, the company added the Oak Ridge Research Institute to its portfolio of clients and opened an office in Canada. In 1998, Kelly expanded its global reach by opening an office in Paris, France. By 2000, the company had more than 2,600 scientists and engineers on its payroll and more than $1 million in sales.

    The company provides temporary and permanent staff for all major industries and sectors. In 2019, Kelly Staffing placed over 440,000 temporary and contract workers. The firm has offices in Australia, the United States, and Canada. It also operates in Europe and Asia, and has a global footprint, placing workers across a range of industries.

    Kelly’s founders founded the company in 1946. He dropped out of the University of Pittsburgh to work as a car salesman and served in the U.S. Army during World War II. While he wasn’t a skilled engineer, his experience in office procedures and newly developed business machines gave him the insight he needed to build Kelly’s company. He eventually set up Russell Kelly Office Services, Inc., which specialized in inventory calculations and typing.

    Six Degrees

    Six Degrees Engineering Staffing has been helping companies find engineering professionals for almost a decade. They have a family-oriented culture and are regularly challenging each other, which has resulted in a 90% first-time fill rate and an engaged staff.

    As one of Australia’s leading engineering recruitment agencies, Six Degrees focuses on engineering professionals with a diverse range of experience. They work with major FMCG, pharmaceutical, healthcare and industrial manufacturing companies to find top-performing engineering professionals. While engineering professionals are required to possess core technical skills, many companies are now also seeking people with broad business acumen and the ability to negotiate and influence change.

    According to Staffing Industry Analysts, six companies accounted for almost three-quarters of the global engineering staffing market. These companies have combined revenues of over $180 million and represent nearly half of the industry’s total.

    World’s Largest Engineering Recruiting Firms – Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking for a new career in engineering, you should consider joining one of the world’s largest recruiting firms. Halcyon Knights is one such firm, which has helped many early-stage startups and established brands find qualified engineers. Its expertise in technology and engineering makes it a top choice for those seeking to enter the field of engineering.

    Bradman Recruitment Group, based in Australia, is an expert consultancy working in the international market for renewable energy and carbon professionals. Its services are extended to companies across the Asia-Pacific region. This firm employs advanced candidate identification techniques and targeted advertising to find talented professionals. It also has an extensive international network of carbon and renewable energy professionals.

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