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    6 Top Unique Gadgets For Cycling in the Morning Before Breakfast

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    6 Top Unique Gadgets For Cycling in the Morning Before Breakfast

    You’ve probably heard of the Bikefast, the Oi Bike Bell, and the Revolights Eclipse, but what are these unique gadgets for cyclists? Here are 6 great products to consider if you’re planning on cycling in the morning before breakfast. Which one is right for you? Read on to learn more. After reading the articles, you’ll be well-equipped to start your day!

    The Top Unique Gadgets For Cycling in the Morning Before Breakfast List


    The bike frame bag is the ideal place to store a phone and other small items. The touchscreen is protected by a plastic cover but still enables use. It is handy for use on maps while cycling. Other cool gadgets include colourful bike lights, which fit into wheel spokes and create funky patterns. The Lonely Planet book ‘200 Best Places to Ride a Bike Around the World’ lists the top 200 locations for cycling worldwide.

    For those who like to use their smartphones while cycling, the BitLock bike lock will allow you to secure your bike in a matter of seconds. Its proximity sensor will unlock the lock when a phone comes within three feet. Its app allows you to grant access to your smartphone to anyone who needs it, and the lock can also track your calories burned and map your ride. It’s worth it just for the convenience and peace of mind it brings to cycling.

    Oi Bike Bell

    You can’t blame cyclists for getting up early in the morning to get to work. It can be difficult to wake up in the morning, and you’re likely not in the mood to be jovial. However, the Oi Bike Bell might be just what you need. This stylish bicycle bell sounds and looks great, so you’ll be reminded to wake up early in the morning.

    The Oi bike bell is a stylish bicycle bell designed by a company in Australia. The company is known for producing stylish locks and lights. They recently put their new bike bell on Kickstarter, and it blew past its $14,500 funding goal. It received almost $300,000 in pledges. The Oi company began toying with the idea for a new bike bell last year, and created hundreds of prototypes.

    While many cyclists consider bicycle bells essential for safety, most of them are incredibly boring. In fact, some people are so used to the jingling sound that they don’t even notice it anymore. The Oi Bike Bell has a unique design that doesn’t take up much space on your handlebars. With a low profile and sleek design, the Oi Bike Bell is an ideal cycling accessory.

    Revolights Eclipse

    If you’re a cyclist, you’re likely already aware of the advantages of bike lighting, but did you know that there’s a better way to cycle in the dark? Revolights Eclipse bicycle lights are an excellent solution. They feature white front and red rear LEDs, integrated turn signals, and a smart brake light. And, they’re much easier to install. If you’re a beginner or a regular cyclist, they’ll be your best friend on your cycling journey.

    First, the Revolights Eclipse are much brighter than standard bike lights. They function like a street-legal headlight, only with better visibility. The front wheel of the Revolights is equipped with an arc of white light, and the individual beams get longer as you speed up. In addition, the back wheel is lit in red, just like the brake light. Using a bicycle light to cycle in the dark will help you to stay safer.

    The Revolights Eclipse bike lighting system is the first of its kind. Its rim-mounted pieces feature 24 LED lights, powered by a hub-mounted battery pack. The lights are controlled by accelerometer and magnets. The company has partnered with Pure Fix Bicycles to create bikes with the Eclipse+. The Coolidge bike, for example, costs $599 with Eclipse+ installed.

    Lumos Matrix

    Using a helmet like the Lumos Matrix is a great way to increase visibility and safety on your bike. It has a 77 LED RGB backlight and is available in two color options – black or white. The helmet fits snugly on your head, but allows plenty of air flow. It’s an extremely solid piece of protective cycling gear, and its extreme quality construction makes it worth the money.

    The Lumos Matrix smart helmet has an LED matrix on its back, which is customizable through its companion app. The lights react to your movement, flashing to slow you down, and pulsating to make you visible. Bright arrows indicate turning. You can control the LEDs using an iPhone or Apple Watch gestures. A battery life of three to four hours is claimed, and it weighs just over two pounds.

    Using a smart helmet helps prevent accidents on the road. The Lumos Matrix helmet has over 1,000 LED lights on its head, along with a brake light and left and right turn signal. It was designed by a Chinese bicycle rider named Eu-Wen Ding. He wanted to make cyclists more visible so that they would be seen by drivers. And he did it with style and functionality.

    Celtic Blu Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    While cycling, the Celtic Blu Portable Bluetooth Speaker gives you the power to make your ride a memorable one. You can listen to your favorite tunes for a long time before recharging with a USB cable or by connecting with an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. This Bluetooth speaker has a range of 100 feet and a powerful battery, which provides 30 hours of music playback. The speaker features 16W power, a booming bass, and high-quality mids and lows. The Bluetooth speaker also doubles up as a power bank, so you can always charge your phone before a long ride.

    The Celtic Blu Portable Bluetooth Speaker features 16W of power and a rugged design. It is available in blue and black, and it fits into a backpack side pocket. The speaker is equipped with a bike mount and is shockproof and stain-resistant. A built-in microphone is also included, so you can keep your conversation a secret when cycling. It also has a microSD card slot for storing your favorite tunes.

    The Celtic Blu Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect companion for your morning cycle ride. Besides music, the speaker features a call answering feature and a 6000-mAh battery. With a built-in SD card slot, this speaker is capable of charging your cell phone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also has a microphone and a wired remote for hands-free calls.

    Celtic Blu Bar Mitts

    The Celtic Blu Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic product to have while cycling or trekking in the morning. It’s a waterproof, shockproof, stain-resistant device that can charge other USB devices while you’re cycling. Its remote control makes it easy to listen to music on the road. The portable speaker has a built-in power bank so you don’t need to worry about running out of juice while cycling.

    These mitts feature a 5.5mm closed-cell neoprene shell that provides superior water and heat resistance. The internal cable-removal port is protected by an externally routed zipper, which can be used to carry a headphone. Because they aren’t seam-sealed, the Celtic Blu Bar Mitts are perfect for cycling in the morning before breakfast.

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