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    Cultural Considerations For Children

    Cultural Considerations For Children

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    Cultural Considerations For Children

    The following are some cultural considerations for children that will help them grow up culturally sensitive and respectful. Children pick up on what adults say about different cultures when they watch and listen to them. When talking with children, adults should use a strengths-based approach and focus on positive traits and abilities. The differences that separate one culture from another are what make our world better. By focusing on strengths, we can help children learn about different cultures.

    Taking a child’s culture into account can help him or her develop a healthy self-image. Children should understand that they are not alone and should learn about their family’s culture and beliefs. They should understand that their peers share some of the same values and beliefs. If they see other children’s cultures as inferior to theirs, they should feel comfortable expressing themselves. The same goes for the children of teachers. By teaching them about different cultures, they will learn to appreciate others’ cultures and their similarities.

    For example, cultural considerations are vital when considering the health of an immigrant child. During the initial contact visit with a new family, it is critical to conduct a formal cultural assessment. Culturally sensitive care may make the difference between health and illness. If a child’s culture is different from that of the parents and health care team, they may react differently to their medical care. The child’s perspective of their medical experience will differ from that of the provider or the healthcare team. In addition, their culture may view illness as punishment, a test, a rite of passage, or a special message.

    Indigenous cultures have lived on this land for thousands of years. Their customs and traditions guided generations of children and helped them grow into contributing members of their communities. European colonization, however, has impacted these customs and practices. This has led to many culturally diverse children’s needs to be accommodated in care systems. So, how can cultural considerations affect their care? Here are some ways to do it. They will be grateful you did.

    Popular culture can also influence your child’s development. For instance, movies and television shows may portray women and other ethnicities in a negative light. For children from cultures where this is not a priority, they may be discouraged from watching educational television after school and may even be ridiculed by their peers in school. This may affect their self-esteem and development. It is important to address this problem before it is too late.

    Developmental disabilities affect one in six children. These disabilities are becoming increasingly common in the United States and around the world, affecting one out of every six children. Among the most common are ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, blindness, and stuttering. In addition, the United Kingdom ranks second highest for the number of children affected by developmental disabilities. In many cases, attitudes towards children with disabilities are different depending on the culture.

    The teacher may view this as a behavioral issue, since Ana took Emily’s toy without asking. However, the teacher recognizes that young children have cultural routines and that Ana’s methods weren’t appropriate. Although it is unwise to put the young girl in the dark and quiet room, Ms. Jones understands that this may make Emily feel uncomfortable. By demonstrating respect for the cultural practices of her students, Ms. Jones encourages her students to respect the cultural practices of their own community.

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