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    Weird Sports Photographer Sol Neelman

    Weird Sports Photographer Sol Neelman

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    Weird Sports Photographer Sol Neelman

    Weird Sports Photographer Sol Neelman

    If you’ve ever wanted to see an athlete doing something unusual, you’ve probably heard about the work of Oregon-based sports photographer Sol Neelman. While he’s no Olympic hopeful, he has found his passion in photographing unusual sports, such as naked bicycling and Ostrich racing. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the man behind the camera, and look at his first Wired article to see what his photos have to offer.

    Sol Neelman’s passion project is Weird Sports

    Photographer Sol Neelman is the quintessential weird sports photographer. He spends his days driving through the mountains of Idaho, taking photographs of people playing unusual sports. He even takes on a naked bike ride, so he can document his favorite sports in all their weird glory. In Weird Sports, Neelman captures the raw emotion and absurdity of the sport, as well as its strange traditions and rituals.

    Since leaving his job as a photojournalist at the Oregonian in 2007, Sol Neelman has pursued his passion for travel, photography, and weird sports. After publishing a book titled “Weird Sports,” he has taken his passion project one step further and is currently fundraising for the second installment. His website contains photographs of bizarre sporting events, from Ostrich racing to a bar stool with skis.

    Sol Neelman is a failed athlete turned sports photographer

    Sol Neelman is a failed Olympian turned professional sports photographer from Portland, Oregon. He previously worked as a newspaper photojournalist for seven years, where he won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of a missing family in southern Oregon. After leaving the newspaper, he decided to pursue his three passions, including photography, travel, and weird sports. His second book is due out next month and explores the many aspects of weird sports.

    The story of Sol Neelman’s bizarre career is fascinating. A failed athlete turned sports photographer, Sol has been traveling the world for five years to capture the strangest and most unusual sports. His work has been featured in ESPN, NatGeo, Penthouse, and the Oregonian. He has worked for brands such as Nike, Adidas, Clif Bar, and Umpqua Bank, and has worked as a freelance sports photographer for a number of magazines.

    Sol Neelman prefers shooting naked bicycling and Ostrich racing

    Sol Neelman is a photographer from Portland, Oregon who documents weird sports. From Ostrich racing to monster wrestling, he has gotten in on a variety of crazy sports. While he’s a familiar name in the world of sports, he prefers documenting weirder and less conventional events. His most bizarre work has come from documenting naked bicycling and ostrich racing. For Weird Sports 2, he’s attempting to crowd-fund a sequel to the series.

    While his wacky finds aren’t as exciting as Ostrich racing, Neelman is proving that he can shoot anything. The first time he did this, WIRED Magazine chronicled his adventures. “It’s pretty amazing,” said WIRED Magazine, which wrote about his wacky finds. Clearly, he has mastered the art of wacky sports photography.

    Sol Neelman’s first article on Wired

    Photographer Sol Neelman lives in Portland, Oregon, the weird-sports capital of the world. He shoots urban golfers in Portland and recently did an article about a naked bike ride. He is currently working on his third book about weird sporting activities. In his first article on Wired, Neelman discusses why he finds weird sports more exciting and amusing than pro sports. Neelman says weird sports competitions give us a sense of belonging that the mainstream sports can never match.

    The Oregonian’s Sol Neelman began documenting weird sports and activities while working for the Oregonian. His first article was on the renaissance of roller derby. Now, Neelman’s strange photo collection spans the country from rural Washington to San Francisco. He also photographs the wackiness of people left to their own devices, like a roller derby game played with a ski on a bar stool.

    Sol Neelman’s long term project

    Photographer Sol Neelman has been looking for bizarre sports and activities all over the world for the last five years. His long term project, Weird Sports, will be released in the United States on April 10. Some of the strangest sports include hockey under water, football in drag and softball in lingerie. Other oddities include truck racers carrying pigs under their arms, small children riding sheep and fighters battling with pencils and cardboard rolls.

    Photographer Sol Neelman – an ex-athlete and a failed athlete – began a new life after graduating from the University of Oregon. He left his staff position at the Oregonian newspaper to pursue his dream of documenting strange sports. Since then, he has published two books of his photos, “Weird Sports” and “Word Sports 2.”

    Sol Neelman’s photos are honored at the 2010 Clio Awards for advertising

    Sol Neelman’s photos have been featured in several publications, including Wired. He has also written a book on advertising photography. Some of his images have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, while others have been hailed as “simply stunning.”

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